5 tips- How to Choose Wind Turbines?

So you’ve decided to generate your own electricity, albeit, the clean way? Welcome to the world of wind turbines. Wind turbines not only allow you to power your home but also help you earn by selling electricity to a supplier. However, you might find it a little difficult as well as confusing to hit upon the right wind turbine since the current market is replete with a too many options for you. Here’s a roundup of a few tested methods to choose the right wind turbine for home.

Understand the nature of your site

This is the most important step that will help you decide whether or not your location is suitable for a wind turbine installation. The best places for setting up turbines are long stretches of open fields located at a higher altitude. There should ideally be no wires, trees or any kind of obstruction between the turbine and the wind.

Decide on your requirements

Determine the actual energy requirement for your home by taking into accounts various factors such as your monthly consumption, your saving habits, insulation of your home and so on. This will help you to understand the amount of electricity your have to generate.

Reduce your consumption

Fix the air leakage issue of your home, if any. This will go a long way to ensure that you won’t have to generate too much electricity. Minimizing your consumption will automatically allow you to install smaller wind energy system that would be cost-effective as well.

Monitor the average wind speed

The wind speed decides the amount the electricity generated. Greater wind speed means more electricity. Therefore, it’s important for you to monitor the wind speed at your location to avoid excess energy production. Many turbine manufacturers hand out a power curve diagram to their customers for this purpose.

Ask your dealer everything you wish to know

Don’t keep yourself from asking questions. And yes, as many as you want! Clarify each and every doubt with your dealer and see if he is explaining each detail to you with patience. This is a clear signal of whether or not you’ve chosen the right dealer. Consider asking questions like:

Is this particular model right for my site?

Is there any warranty provided? (a warranty of at least 2 years is a must)
Are the parts and spares readily available in case of a breakdown?

Do you provide installation service as well?

What are the precautions I must take while using them?

Also read reviews and testimonials before you zero in on a particular dealer. Word-of-mouth recommendations are great too.

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