How To Find Parts for Wind Turbines

Wind power is gaining favor as a cost-effective and sustainable way to produce energy without the risk of exhausting the energy resource such as the fossil fuel sources. In fact, production of wind energy on a domestic basis is also gaining popularity. Setting up a wind power system for your home is a great way to generate electricity on your own while any surplus energy generated can also be sold to the power grids.

However, many find it a tad difficult to get good parts and spares for their home wind turbines in the event of an breakdown or if they are a DIY wind turbine maker. If you are indeed one of them, fret not. Simply skim through the following guidelines to find the best parts for your wind turbines without breaking your bank.

Wind turbine motor

This is the heart of your turbine and if you must be careful while choosing the right motor for your turbine. DC motors are just the thing you need and the best ones (and unfortunately the rarest ones) are Ametek motors. Most DIY-ers swear by these and you should try looking for them on EBay or your local Craigslist site. However, you can also try some other good motor brands such as Dayton which might work as well. Before you buy the motor, check the amount of energy it is able to generate for a particular rotation-per-minute (RPM). You should choose a motor that produces more energy for lesser RPM. It is also advisable that you stay away from gear motors as they are little difficult to run.

Power Inverter and Charge Controller

For good quality charge controllers, visit us. Remember, it’s better that you choose a basic and inexpensive option before moving on to more complex charge controllers. As for inverters, look for a combination of true sine wave and modified sine wave inverters for best results.


If you think your wind turbine needs some fancy and expensive battery, it’s time to change your opinion. Deep-cycle batteries and, more specifically, marine batteries are totally fine to go with your turbine system. They are an inexpensive and reliable option for you. However, do not choose car batteries since they are not very good at managing the charge cycles.

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