Wind Power For Homes

Is your electricity bill skyrocketing? If yes, you may want to consider the option of setting up a home wind power system to tackle the problem. These systems not only give you the freedom to generate as much as power you would want for your home, but they also help you save up a lot on your electricity bills. And, if you manage to generate surplus electricity, you might also consider selling it to the power grids. So, how do you go about it? We’ll show you the right way to set up a wind power system for your home.

What are your basic requirements?

-The place where your live needs to have a sufficient amount of wind to run a wind turbine.

-Check with your local authority if there are any special permits required to set up a home wind power system.

-Wind turbines work best if installed on elevated sites so check this factor as well.

-It is also important to determine the distance of the site from your home. If you set up the turbine too near to your house, the noise and vibrations might be a concern while setting up the turbine too far away means that you would have to bear the extra costs of running a power line from the site to your house.

Basics of installing a wind power system on your property

Once you’ve evaluated whether it is feasible to install a wind power system on your property, the next step is to understand the basics for going further.

-Check if a small wind system is an economical investment for the wind resource in your area.

-Assess your average household electricity requirements by keeping an eye on your monthly or yearly electricity bills.

Talk to the professionals to decide on the type of wind power system that would fit the bill and cater to your needs.

How to buy a wind power system that meets your needs?

When you’re out to buy a wind power system for your property, here are few questions you must never fail to ask the dealer:

What is the energy output of the system?

What is the warranty period and detail of the coverage?

Is the turbine tested? If yes, when and by whom?

Is the manufacturing company trustworthy? How long have they been in business?

How many of these turbines have you sold?

What problems are frequently encountered while using this turbine?

Can I have the reference of other customers who have owned this particular model for a period of time?

Do you provide after-sales assistance and support in case of a breakdown?

Do you also provide professional installers?

Will you provide me a demo?

On the basis of these questions and a little bit of research, you might zero-in on the right wind power system for your home.

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