Advantages of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is critical to the survival of our lifestyle – for two reasons; the fact that fossil fuels will eventually run out, and the need to reduce our emissions of climate change gasses.

There are various sources of renewable energy, each with its own advantage, but they all are clean and, provide jobs and boost the economy.

Solar photovoltaic in particular though is affordable at a domestic or household scale, and requires no maintenance.



Solar photovoltaic panels produce electricity reliably for over 25 years, and many panels made over 40 years ago are still working. Solar energy complements wind turbines because usually in Ireland, when you have less wind, you have more sunlight. There is a seasonal balance when you combine wind and solar. Solar panels also produce all of their power during the daytime when demand from industry is highest.



According to a report by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), Ireland has saved more than €1bn from fossil fuel imports as a result of the roll-out of renewable energies, and has cut down on CO2 emissions by 12m tonnes. In the long term, as oil and gas prices rise, this will stabilize the cost of electricity production.



If you use the electricity you generate, you save the full retail price of electricity, and you future proof yourself from future price rises.

Depending on your location, a 4kWp system can generate between 3,400 kilowatt hours and 4,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year – roughly equivalent to a typical household’s electricity needs.


Renewable/ Infinite:

 Renewable energy or renewable power, as the name suggests is such a source of power that can replenish itself over and over again. This is not true of oil and gas, all of which will eventually run out. Why should we wait to make the switch?


Less maintenance:

Renewable energy projects based on solar photovoltaic panels require less maintenance compared to traditional generators. And with evolving battery technology, it is widely believed that self-consumption will increasingly become widespread.


Jobs and the Economy:

The Irish Wind Energy Association in 2012, claimed that the renewable energy sector could compete with Ireland’s financial, electronics and pharmaceuticals sectors and could expect generation of 18,000 new jobs in the coming eight years.


The group also claimed that if the targets are met then there could be investment of more than €18bn into the Irish economy.

This sector can grow beyond those targets if solar is combined with wind. The advantages of solar are that the investment and profit can be in the hands of local householders. Any house can benefit from the addition of solar panels to reduce reliance on imported oil and gas.

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