Dream of a Green Future – Myth or Truth!

We constantly talk about greener future where the environment will be ecologically stable and we won’t have to fear devastating natural calamities. But the question is how? Two segments of people persistently debate over the fact whether the use of fossil fuels is better or should we shift our attention to renewable energy sources like sunlight and wind. While there is ample sunlight and wind power to produce renewable energy and the fuel is free; others say fossil fuels deliver economic benefits and giving up coal, natural gas and oil would involve a lot of suffering and sacrifice in terms of efficiency. Whom to believe?

Modern Day Technologies can Easily Undergo Transition of the Power Generation

Let’s start with believing that giving up fossil fuel will get us back to Stone Age. So do we keep burning coal and oil? The answer is an obvious NO. First of all, burning fossil fuels is resulting in extreme climatic changes and secondly, being non-renewable it’s getting depleted day-by-day resulting in higher costs. So is the renewable energy the only thing that we should rely on! Yes we can but before that we should have some facts cleared. Though many of us say there’s enough sunlight and wind to produce such energy, we should remember these are part of nature and we can’t control them. Sometimes the sun may shine or wind may blow and sometimes not.  This variability can be controlled by demand management or better say by changing the way we use energy at present. The good news is – with the modern day technologies, the power generation can easily undergo transition.

Renewable Energy Meets Today’s Energy Demand

The obvious question that arises is, whether we would be able to produce enough renew will able energy to match today’s energy demands? Whether this kind of energy offers less mobility? Yes there are too many questions to be asked. But with gradual invention of ways to collect, concentrate and produce renewable energy we can dream of greener and better future. With fossil fuel coming costlier and renewable form becoming cheaper, more and more people are bound to shift to this new form of energy. Increasing popularity of renewable energy producing equipments like wind turbine inverters, solar inverters, etc we are sure to bridge over all the difficulties.

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