Why Wind Turbine Blades Are Twisted

It is essential to produce green energy to save the earth and create a sustainable environment. The most commonly used renewable source of energy to produce electricity is Wind that can be found in ample amounts all the time. But at times it becomes very unreliable and unpredictable because of the fact that it constantly changes its strength and direction.

Why Wind Turbine are Made Tall?

To utilize it wind power and produce maximum amount of energy, wind turbines are made tall and large. For wind turbines to be functional they need to be designed and engineered very well and this is the reason why they are so expensive. Most of the modern day wind turbines are provided with two to three blade propellers that rotate around a horizontal axis. These wind turbine blades convert the wind energy into shaft power known as Torque, which is produced as a result of the deceleration of wind blowing over the wind turbine blades, with help of various techniques.

So Why Are The Wind Turbine Blades Twisted Or Curved?

A lifting force is generated due to the curved shape of the blades just as in case of an aeroplane wing. A low air pressure is created on the side with most curve, while the high pressure created beneath pushes the other side of blade aerofoil. This results in generation of a lift force that is perpendicular to the air flow direction. The rotor blade also needs to be designed appropriately to generate the right amount of rotor blade thrust and lift to produce the exact amount of deceleration of air.

What is TSR and what factor it Depends?

The wind turbine blades have to rotate at an optimal speed to extract the maximum amount of energy. If it rotates slowly, it won’t be able to produce enough energy and if it rotates quickly it will create excess drag. The tip speed ratio (TSR) is the ratio between the speeds of the rotor tip to that of the wind speed. The TSR depends on the number of turbine blades, rotor blade shape and the shape of the wind turbine blades.

Wind Turbine Generate Power at Low Costs

The wind turbine blade cost is higher since it needs to be designed in a manner that it maximizes the power generation at low costs. The turbine blade manufacturers constantly work towards improving the design of the blades so that they can be quieter, compact and capable of generating maximum power from minimum wind.

Twisting the blades of the wind turbine makes it capable of capturing 5-10% more energy from wind and functions efficiently in places that have lower wind speeds.

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