Wind Inverters

Inverter Efficiency up to 96%

Power One 3.6kw Wind Inverter Efficiency curve

Aurora / Power One Wind Turbine Inverters

We offer next day delivery to UK and 5 day worldwide on Aurora / Power One inverters for wind turbines.

Aurora inverters are robust with conversion efficiency up to 97% and up to 16 points on a power curve which can be based on either voltage or RPM.

We can pre-programme the inverter to your requirements, or assist you in using the software to do this.

  • Inverters between 3kw and 6kw can work over a wide voltage range, from 50V DC to 580V DC, offering the ability to harvest power in lighter winds.
  • The new UNO range has high frequency transformers, offering galvanic isolation without the weight inefficiency of traditional  transformers.
  • Power One inverters sold by Voltsys come with a 2 year return-to-base warranty.

Please select from the following range of inverters. We carry stocks of 2.0kw, 2.5kw, 3.6kw and 6kw inverters, with others available to order.