Wind Turbine Controllers

Aurora / Power One 25kw Wind Interface

Aurora / Power One 25kw Wind Interface


Wind Turbine Control Systems

Aurora / Power One / Custom-made Controllers

We sell and provide tech support for wind inverters interfaces and dataloggers. If off-the-shelf products don’t suit your application, we also have extensive expertise in designing custom controllers for wind and other renewable energy systems.

This includes;

  • Supply and Configuration of Power One 15kw and 25Kw Intelligent Wind Interfaces
  • Configuration of dump load resistors and modifications for Power One 20A Wind Interfaces

We also manufacture a range of microprocessor based products for;

  • Wind turbine controllers
  • Off grid system management
  • Remote data logging
  • Any other sensing & switching functions requiring microprocessor management

Please select from the following controllers for further information.

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Power One 20A Wind Interface (click HERE)

Custom Wind Turbine Controller & Remote Monitoring Solutions (click HERE)

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