About us

Voltsys HQ powered by Wind Turbine and Solar PV

Voltsys Base – powered by Wind & Solar PV

Voltsys designs, sells & supports Wind Controllers, Inverters & Interfaces, with worldwide distribution across Europe, Australia, Asia and N/S America.

We also manufacture bespoke logging systems for renewable energy systems.

Our remote office and workshop has been powered by wind, solar and hydro for over ten years. We keep overheads low, but can provide next day delivery throughout UK and Ireland or 5-day worldwide, and offer very competitive pricing.

Technical Support Specialists in Wind.

We prize our reputation for customer care and provide excellent technical support over the phone, online, or by site visit on request. We distribute worldwide, with products sold throughout Europe, Australia, India, and the Caucasus. Our systems can also provide remote monitoring, or integration into hybrid off-grid systems.