Data Logging Programmable Wind Turbine Controller

Microprocessor based controller with datalogging

Voltsys wind turbine controller with data logging, programmable dump load features and wind speed measurement

Voltsys has used its extensive experience in turbine design and control to produce a full featured rectifier with full control functions and on-board or remote datalogging. Features of this controller include;

• Fast microprocessor based controller to manage turbine safety and control
• Rectification and smoothing capacitors to convert wild AC from turbine to DC for a grid tie inverter
• Dump load to manage over-voltage can be variable (PWM), or switched with on/off set-points, programmable in software.
• For suitable generators, we can use the dump load to slow the turbine, then apply a short circuit brake on the AC side, especially in the event of grid failure
• Anemometer input can control turbine and shut it down in excess wind
• Data-logging to onboard SD card every second, recording turbine RPM, wind speed, DC voltage, grid voltage, inverter status (with ABB/Ginlong inverters), phase voltage of turbine, power (from export meter), dump load voltage, and any error states.
• Optional GSM card can log data to website for online monitoring
• GSM card can also be used to text SMS alerts, or to remotely change controller parameters / remotely stop the turbine.

Graphs from datalogging website showing Power Generated and Turbine RPM

Graphs from datalogging website showing Power Generated and Turbine RPM

Designed, engineered and programmed by our team at Voltsys, the controller can be further customised should specific other features be required.

If you require active rectification of your turbine, or use of a motor drive to start your turbine (e.g. with vertical axis machines that are not self-starting), please call us.

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