Ginlong Three Phase Wind Inverters


Ginlong Three Phase 6-10Kw Range

Ginlong Three Phase Wind Inverters

Ginlong Wind Inverters convert DC from your turbine into grid-connected AC power. They have proven to be robust in the field and, as with all wind inverters, provided there are adequate controls to ensure they do not suffer over-voltage, or excess current, they should prove to be reliable. If you are unsure of your turbine control system, please contact us.

All models can operate on 50hz or 60hz, so are useable in most countries worldwide.

All units can be fitted with a wifi transmitter that sends data to a website from where it can be picked up on laptops or mobile phones.

We offer the following range for three phase grid supply;

 Wind Inverter 6kw Three phase
 Wind Inverter 10kw Three phase
 Wind Inverter 30kw Three phase

You can download a data sheet by clicking HERE (6kw to 10kw)

You can download a data sheet and manual for the 30kw model by clicking HERE

Please contact us for trade and reseller prices.