Wind Turbine Control Systems Installers

Wind Turbine Control Systems Installers in London

Voltsys is a leading supplier of turbine control system in London and across all UK. Besides, we also distribute a wide range of quality turbine control solutions to other parts of the world.

Why choose us ?

  • We maintain a strict adherence to quality
  • We practice good customer care
  • All operations done under expert supervision
  • We have a wide range for every purpose
  • Our products are eligible for the Government’s Feed-in-Tariffs (FIT)
  • We offer discounts on repeat services

We offer turbine control solutions including:

  • Electrical pitch systems for higher performance
  • onverter systems for optimized connection to any grid frequency
  • Internal power supply cabinet for fast service
  • Software for optimized wind turbine operation, monitoring and analysis

Who can use our services ?

  • Households
  • Smallholdings
  • Schools
  • Industries

For any assistance, call us (0151 324 5588) or fill out our contact us form available on our website.