Wind Inverter & Controller Manuals / Data Sheets

Power one Wind inverter RS485

Aurora Wind Inverter RS485 Connections

Aurora / Power one Wind Inverter and Controller Manuals

On this page you will find links to most of the documentation you will need for our inverters and controllers. Please scroll down to the document you require and click on the link.

You will also find data sheets, manuals and certificates on the ABB website here

Wind Inverter Data Sheets

Aurora UNO Inverters, Click HERE

Aurora 3Kw to 4.2Kw Inverters, Click HERE

Aurora 6Kw Inverters, Click HERE

Aurora 12.5kw 3 Phase Wind Inverter, Click HERE

Aurora 20Kw and 27Kw Trio Inverters Click HERE

Wind Interface Data Sheets

Aurora Wind Interface 20A, Click HERE

Aurora 15kw & 25Kw Wind Interface, Click HERE

Wind Inverter Manuals

Aurora 2.0 & 2.5 UNO Wind Inverter Manual. Click HERE

Aurora 3.6kw Inverter Manual Click HERE

Aurora 6kw Inverter Manual Click here

Aurora Trio Inverter Manual Click here

Our inverters come pre-configured with a range of grid standards for different regions. For instructions on setting up the contry code, please click here

Ground Leakage DetectionThe 3.6kw to 6kw wind inverters have built in ground leak detection. Should the inverter report an iLeak or RISO error, instructions on how to diagnose the problem with the turbine can be found by clicking HERE

Wind Interface Manuals

Aurora 15kw & 25Kw Wind Interface Manual, Click here 

(for the 15kw & 25kw Wind Interface, we usually assist on a first installation and then develop custom documentation for each turbine type)

Aurora 20A Wind Interface Manual Click here

Changing voltage settings on wind interface – It is possible to change the voltages at which the dump load is applied with this interface. These changes should only be done in consultation with us, but the instruction manual on how to do this can be found by clicking HERE.

Software Manuals –

Please find software on our SOFTWARE page (click here). The manuals for this software are below;

Aurora Installer, V3.1.4 is used for configuring inverters from 3 to 6kw in size. You can download the manual for this software by clicking HERE

We also have produced a guide to setting up power curves on your inverter using this software. This can be downloaded by clicking HERE

The UNO range of inverters are programmed using Aurora Manager LITE Software. The inverter installation manual provides instructions on using this software.