Off Grid Hybrid Solar Wind Power System Supplier USA

What is an off grid hybrid solar and wind power system?

Most off grid power manager systems for wind and solar energy need a lower voltage turbine systems. As a high quality off grid solar and wind power system supplier in the US, Voltsys is a world leader in such systems gradually making inroads into United States. A battery based inverters ramps up to 230 volts to a power appliance at low efficiency. We supply these inverters along with other components for an off grid hybrid system. However, this in itself is fraught with many disadvantages. The lack of turbine optimization of turbine output along with voltage losses may be hindrances in the path of using these systems, but with growing scientific expertise we should be able to overcome these issues.

What are these roadblocks in using off grid hybrid wind or solar power systems?

If you are talking about optimizing turbine output, on a grid tie system, wind turbines are often optimized by inverters that are capable of gradually loading the power derived from the turbine when the rotor speed increases. This is known as the power point tracking system. This relationship between the power available and RPM can then get programmed into the off grid inverter you are using.
Many battery based systems, which operate more crudely, have batteries that control the voltage and loading of the turbine in a way that it cannot be controlled. This results in reduced output of the blades and these do not operate at optimum speed.
If you look at the voltage, losses, lower voltages require higher currents that transmit a lot of power. By using low voltages, larger cable sizes are required with higher levels of temperatures in the generator. There is less reliability and efficiency drastically gets limited in such systems.

How does Voltsys offer an alternative to these traditional systemic flaws?

At Voltsys, we have developed unique solutions to age old problems. Power point tracking allows for battery charging to be optimized. By using the microprocessor based controller and interfaces, batteries get charged successfully and have a larger life. This also includes temperature compensated battery management.
Many off grid solutions are generic and are used in wind turbine systems. This allows most turbine companies to produce separate turbines for low voltage battery systems. At Voltsys, we have streamlined the process. We are at the cutting edge of technology and are making inroads into the US.

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