Power One 25Kw Wind Interface

Aurora / Power One 25kw Wind Interface

Power One Wind Interface 25kw

Aurora/Power One Intelligent Wind Interfaces

The new range of microprocessor managed wind interfaces from Power One offer the opportunity to control wind turbines in a wide range of situations. These new interfaces feature;

  • The controller can simultaneously manage two types of resistive load – one to manage overvoltage in gusts, and one as a dynamic  brake
  • The half-wave controlled rectifier can be configured to disconnect the turbine in over-voltage if required (and safe for the type of turbine)
  • Power curve is programmed into the interface which then can manage up to four inverters (which can each be a different type or size of inverter if required)
  • Soft-start means that DC voltage can be gradually introduced to inverters to prevent damage from inrush current.

At Voltsys, we can programme and configure these wind interfaces to suit your requirements before dispatch for a small additional charge, or we can assist you in becoming familiar with the software to do this yourself.

The interface is available in two variants – 50A (15kw) and85A (25kw)

You can read the data sheet on this range of interfaces by clicking HERE