Wind Inverter Supplier

Wind Inverter Suppliers in Scotland

As a leading company dedicated to offer complete wind energy solution, we distribute a wide range of quality wind invertors across United Kingdom and also to other parts of the world. With our foot firmly set in the renewable energy sector, we are offering our products as feasible and better alternatives to conventional sources of power generation.

Our range of invertors includes 3 kw, 4.2 kw, 6 kw and 10 kw invertors that can easily match up to the power produced by 60 kw generators. Our products are highly suitable for single, split and three phase grid connection.

Why us?

  • Competitive pricing
  • Top quality products
  • Easy planning and maintenance facilities
  • Easy availability of spare parts
  • Excellent technical support (phone / online / site visit)
  • Prompt delivery (Next day delivery to UK and 5 day delivery to other parts of the world)
  • Discount on repeat services

For any assistance, call us (0151 324 5588) or fill out our contact us form available on our website.