Solis Three Phase Inverters

Solis Three Phase Range

Solis Three Phase Range of Solar Inverters


Solis Three Phase Inverters

Solis industrial inverters for three phase sites have a wide operating voltage range. Dual MPPT tracking can reduce losses caused by partial shading, and allows a wider range of panel wiring from two different arrays.
Solis inverters exceed 95% efficiency under normal operating conditions and come with a 5 year warranty which can be extended to ten years. Wifi connectivity and monitoring is available on the full range of inverters.
The following sizes are available;-

  •  Solis 6kW
  •  Solis 10kW
  •  Solis 15kW
  • Solis 20kW
  • Solis 30kW

Please contact us for trade and reseller prices.You can find the data sheet for the Solis Three Phase range by clicking HERE