UNO 2Kw & 2.5Kw Wind Inverters

Power One Uno Wind Inverter

Aurora / Power One HF Transformer Uno Wind Inverters 2kw & 2.5kw


Power One UNO Wind Inverters

The Uno 2.0kw and 2.5kw wind inverters use high frequency isolation to provide the efficiency of transformerless inverters, with the convenience of galvanic isolation – particularly where more than one inverter is used with one turbine.

The Uno inverter achieves up to 96% efficiency across a range of input voltages from 90V DC to 470V DC.

This makes it an ideal companion for smaller wind turbines, micro-hydro or where more than one inverter is required. For example, a 10kw turbine may be connected to the grid using one 6kw transformerless inverter, and two UNOs, eliminating the need to external isolation transformers. Or three 2.5kw UNOs may be used to connect a 7.5kw turbine to a three phase supply.

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