Wind inverters supplier USA

Why choose wind inverter supplies form Voltsys?

As a leading company that offers complete and cost effective wind energy solutions and renewable energy needs of all in the United States and North America region, Voltsys is a pioneer of sorts in alternative energy. A vast array of wind energy supplies, Voltsys is a complete wind inverter supplier in the USA. By producing and installing quality wind inverter, Voltsys has its foot firmly planted in the renewable energy sector. Its products are high class and very viable both financially and logistically. We offer better alternatives to conventional sources of power.

What are the varieties of wind inverter available with us?

There are a vast range of wind inverter that we make at Voltsys. These include the 3 KW, 4.2 KW, 6 KW and the 10 KW inverter that can help 60 KW generators produce power. These products are highly suitable for a split or a single and a three phase grid connection.
Voltsys helps design various kinds of wind controllers and wind inverter. As a company we also produce interfaces and sell these across Asia, Australia and now in North America, especially in the United States. We also are working towards creating a distribution network across the length and breadth of the United States. There are a host of wind inverter that are produced by us at Voltsys. These include –

  1. UNO 2KW
  2. 2.5KW Wind Inverter,
  3. Power One
  4. Aurora
  5. ABB 6KW Inverter
  6. Aurora 3KW
  7. 4.2KW Wind Inverter and
  8. Power One Trio 20KW
  9. 27KW Inverter.

Why should you choose us at Voltsys? What are the chief reasons that help us retain our top position?

There are a variety of reasons why you should choose us for your wind inverter needs. At Voltsys, we offer

  1. Excellent technical support both online and even via the telephone and through the site visits.
  2. Easy planning and maintenance facilities
  3. Easy availability of spare parts
  4. Prompt delivery within 5 days of placing an order. In the United States, we fast expanding as the chosen wind inverter supplier.
  5. Discount on repeat services
  6. Once the turbines have been built and installed, there is no major intermittent costs to take care of. No extra fuel is burned to make the wind turbines work.
  7. Competitive pricing
  8. Top quality products

If you are looking at wind inverter that have been configured for high voltage based power curves, then choose us at Voltsys. Our wind turbines have the best performance possible.

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